2013 Hallelujah Halloween Revival!

REVIVAL!  2013

Every Year we rouse the puppets from the barn.

We dust off our world weary spirits.

We shake cobwebs from our hair, and prepare for the ReBirth of Wonder.

Every Year we REVIVE Halloween in New York City, together!

Resurrecting our imaginations, Reawakening our creative spirits…

Re-imagining our identity and Remaking ourselves in costume.

So come out and Frolic, Perform, Strut, Shake and Shimmy on our route, en-route to a New YOU.

Show us your stuff!

We Survived The Storm, and we are Ready To Celebrate.

We are staging a REVIVAL! In honor of our 40th Birthday, come out and Testify about your Halloween Transformation!

Get your 2013 Revival Tee!

Hallelujah Halloween!


Jeanne Fleming, Artistic and Producing Director