We invite you to be in New York’s Village Halloween Parade!

ONLY those in costume are welcome to join with:

  • Hundreds of Giant Puppets
  • More than 50 bands representing music from around the world
  • Dancers of all styles
  • Artists with explosive imaginations
  • Thousands of New Yorkers in costumes of their own creation

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Anyone and everyone in costume is welcome.

Follow these five easy tips for successfully joining the Parade — the largest public participatory event in the greatest city in world!

1. Be Creative - Wear Your Costume! ONLY costumed marchers are allowed in the Parade.

2. Show Up on Sixth Ave at CANAL Street. Map

You can only enter this area from the EAST and SOUTH. That is Sullivan, East Broome and Canal Streets. If you come from the West, enter ONLY from Canal Street.  This can get confusing and frustrating so follow these directions carefully!

Here are the GPS Coordinates for the Entry Point: 40.7218599,-74.0053841 Map

3. Arrive between 7pm and 9pm or you might miss the Parade! The subway is the best way to get there, parking is always difficult and the Parade makes it even worse.

4. Find your friends, good music or a group to march with. If you are meeting your friends, it is best to meet a block or two from the Parade route and all come over together to the line-up. Even with cell phones, it is hard to hook up with people at the start. Nowadays the bands line-up apart from the general public, but there is so much good music in the Parade you are bound to hook up with some fun vibes to dance with.

5. Follow the crowd up Sixth Avenue (please do not go down Sixth Avenue, the police will stop you!)

6. Find a hotel before for the parade night. Most, if not all, hotels near the parade will be fully booked the night of, so make sure you book early! On you can easily find hotels by the parade, compare prices to suite any budget, and read reviews to find the perfect hotel.

N.B. The Halloween Parade is a 0% tolerance for alcohol event.

Pledge $100

VIP ENTRANCE  to the Parade for you and a friend!

Made a special costume? Want some extra space to show it off? Want to dance with out the crush? This contribution to the Parade gets you VIP Entrance to a more spacious place to revel in the parade.

Your choice:

Other ways you can participate.

  • Don’t have a costume? …then VOLUNTEER to animate a puppet!
  • Are you in a BAND? Let us know who you are and if you would like to play in the Parade. Click here.

Tell us…

  • What will you be this year? Tell us what you are coming as to the parade!
  • Tell us your story! We want to hear about past parades you have come to, what you were, what happened! Go to our story telling page.

Costume Contest

It is next to impossible to select the “best costume”—there are just too many great ones, but choose we must…

This year could be yours to win! Come out in style! Prizes include tickets to great shows and …MORE


Safety and enjoyment first: a note from our Field Marshall.

The tradition of the Village Halloween Parade is to invite everyone in costume to join the parade — and typically 50,000 to 60,000 people take advantage of that invitation every year!

Because of the number of costumed celebrants on foot, and the complications of people in costume, distracted, having a good time, sometimes with limited vision due to a costume, and stopping and entertaining the crowd on the sidewalks — we regret that only a limited number of motorized vehicles are allowed in the Village Halloween Parade.

Those limited spaces are usually given to the handful of sponsors who support the Parade as a thank-you for their support. And even those vehicles must meet strict rules about the size of vehicle, sound systems, capacity, insurance, licenses, spotters, and contents of the vehicle. They all require prior arrangements with the Parade to get official permits.

So, if you are thinking of bringing a vehicle at all, you MUST contact us.

Finally, sorry to say this, but because our first concern is for the safety and enjoyment of the general public, motorized vehicles that just ‘show-up’ at the Parade will be kindly requested not to join the celebration and be turned away.

Thanks for your understanding and, Happy Halloween!



Because it’s just the best party in town!

Our Official Night Club is Webster Hall!

Why Webster Hall?

When you get to the end of the Parade at 16th Street, hang a right towards Fifth Avenue, and go out still in costume to our party at Webster Hall! They give a $5,000 prize for best costume somewhere around midnight! 21 and up ONLY.

Click here to see a great video of the 2011 float AND Party!

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